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    The Experts in teaching coaches to succeed beyond the norms. We believe that success is a long term lifestyle Habit.

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    Let's start 2018 with an absolutely outstanding experience in a Master Mind Group (MMG) on Transforming Adversity into Personal Strengths. With proper habits, combined with practical application, this can be yours to experience. You truly will not only enjoy your experience with us, but you will also learn how to conceptualize and materialize your goals to your destination. I promise you will walk away with an exceptionally memorable time and experience.


    What We Do

    Building Connections

    We will help you break through the boundaries that are limiting you/your team and prepare you to shape the future -- moving you from a world of confusion and pain of yesterday's regrets to a world of victories.

    A Philosophy for the Future

    We are only held back by the things that we allow to limit us. The keys to success and productivity are already in your pocket. You simply need someone to guide you in the journey and encourage you along the way to your destination. 

    Workshops and Keynotes

    As an accomplished keynote speaker, innovator, motivator and life coach, I will bring new life and connection to your next event. Together we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs you have today.

    Trent's Biography

    Never Give Up


    At a young age, Trent was diagnosed with Epilepsy. How he got it is not 100% clear, but the physical abuse and emotional trauma experienced within the first few years of his life probably were strong contributing factors. Numerous physicians, specialists and neurologists concurred that due to the lack of development or slower development of the brain he would never progress beyond the cognitive level of the average 12 year old. Something in Trent wasn't going to let those doctors and so-called experts dictate how his life was going to pan out. In fact, early on Trent adopted the fighting mentality to prove to people he could do and be more than they ever would have predicted.

    Major accomplishments for him include but are not limited to:

    • Playing contact sports
    • Achieving his black belt in Taekwondo
    • Toastmaster's member 
    • Completing a college certificate program
    • Completed the John C. Maxwell certification program to be a licensed coach, teacher, trainer, and speaker and most recently,
    • Starting his BA in Leadership.

    Some volunteer experiences which have contributed to developing Trent's skillset are:

    • The Calgary Suicide Hotline
    • Big Brother's of BC
    • William Roper Hall
    • Spy Hill Penitentiary 
    • Camp Counsellor/Epilepsy Association
    • Taekwondo Instructor

    Not only will Trent inspire you, but he will also teach you how to fight adversity, take your skills to a higher level, and make you a better person in both your personal life and your professional life. 

    ​As a personal goal for Trent he wants to speak to 70 million people around the world. It may take him a while to reach this goal, but you have to start somewhere. With his drive and attitude of resilience, Trent believes he will obtain this goal.

    Know Your Why in Life

      It seems like a pretty harmless statement, know your why,however not everyone lives up to the understanding of the meaning behind it.

      It's pretty safe to say that every human on the face of this earth  no matter the age has asked the question ... Why?So why is knowing your why so  important? 

       The why that I'm talking about is knowing your calling in life,  not only what you are good at but passionate for as well.

      When you know why  your purpose in  life becomes real. You will find that you will live a more meaningful life than those who don't know. You will see yourself grow into the person you want to be.

      Knowing your why will help you understand your past and will help you with your future and where you are going. 

    Don't Coast, Do the Most

    This is not a newsflash, but it is a critical information nonetheless. On the whole, we don't have the cultural or individual maturity to handle the speed of innovation today. Technology is giving us incredible power to get all kinds of information at our fingertips, which is overwhelming or minds. It begs the question, are we really absorbing what  we need to? We multitask to get the most done, but are we sacrificing quality for quantity? Ghandi said, "There is more to life than increasing its speed" ( The world has overlooked that quote. Somehow the deep thinkers understand it; however, the average person does not. 

    So where is the balance? How do we balance quantity and quality? At High Performance Results Group we include a 4 week certificate course called, Growing your Personal Life with a Unified Platform. It's not just activity, it's a lifelong lifestyle change. 

    Act now 

    Why My High Performance Results Group Works

    This is the REAL DEAL

    Nothing is worse than getting involved with an organization only to find that it is full of camouflaged "fluff". At High Performance Results we are proud to say that we will deliver nothing but the highest quality instruction, helping those get to where they need, and assisting in achieving your goals. We will not tell you what we think you need to hear.  We will however, share with you what it will take to make it in this world--hands down. 

    The Real Deal.

    This is an ALL-time thing, not a SOME-time thing

    At High Performance Results we guarantee your experience to be memorable as long as you are enrolled in our services. How do we do this? Very simple. We believe what you put into life is what you get out of life. You will not be alone on this journey. We will work with you all the way--that's our promise!  

    First, BE RESPONSIBLE, so you can take on responsibility

    We have all heard it said that talk is cheap. If you don't like to take on responsibility, chances are you don't know how to be responsible. If you don't like to take on new responsibilities, how will you advance in your career? At High Performance Results we will train you on how to be responsible for your actions. This is where most people seem to fall short; however, with our intensive program we are very confident that by working together we will accomplish your goals. 


    Site Content

    Know where you stand

    Want to see where you stand with your thoughts and opinions about personal growth? Then take this confidential quiz.  

    If you scored:

    • 0-25: You could use some help with understanding the benefits of developing a personal growth plan
    • 26-50: You could use some help in understanding what your personal growth plan options are
    • 51-75: You have a good understanding of the value of personal growth, but you need help implementing a plan
    • 76-100: You see the value in a plan and you have your own plan, but you could use help in refining your plan in order to gain better results

    Fill in your information on our contact page, and someone will be in touch with you to discuss options for your personal growth plan.

    Announce coming events

    • Transforming Adversity into Personal Strengths MMG
    • Strengthening your Train of Thought(mastermind group)
    • Turning Bad Habits into High Performance Habits seminar
    • Dressing for Success seminar
    • Leading on All Levels Lunch & Learn
    • The Future is Yours seminar
    • Networking Effectively workshop
    • Beyond Applying Sales Techniques workshop

    Dates, times, and locations to be announced.

    Display real testimonials


    Trent Quapp is smart and knowledgeable about the things in life that plague people on a daily basis.  He knows that to be effective in life you have to have a positive outlook because if you don't then your life is going to be short lived.  Trent has taught me to reach out and ask for help which is one thing I hated to do as I tend to be very stubborn and I hate being told what to do.  Trent is working on breaking that shell.

    I have a messed up family and life and it is going to take time to fix me.  I need help and that is why I turned to Trent.  If you give him a chance when you need help, he will get back to you for sure.  The only person that can truly make you feel better is yourself but you have to want to be helped and that is where Trent comes in.
    Thank you so much for all of your help so far it is starting to make an impact already.

    Michelle, 2017 Calgary, AB Canada

    Promote current deals

    At High Performance Results we wholeheartedly believe that you are number one to us and our priority, so you will always get the best pricing--at all times. 

    We do this because we want to eliminate shopping around and we want to help you start your journey as soon as you enrol.

    Every experience is the best value for your money.  

    Share the big news

    • We are just in the stages of rebuilding; however, we have not forgotten about you. 
    • In the early New Year we will be having a Master Mind Group (MMG) on Transforming Adversity into Personal Strengths.
    • Trent's book title: How to Transform Adversity into your Personal Strengths is set to be released in 2018. 
    • We now also offer English lessons to help in being able to communicate more effectively with clients, co-workers, and employees/employers.

    2018 is going to be a huge year so sign up to receive meaningful emails--no junk mail--that's our promise!  

    Display their FAQs

    Dealing with the public as often as I do, I do get asked certain questions like:           

    1. Q - Do I  have any CD's or  e-books?

    A - Yes, I am working on my new book, daily podcasts, and e-books coming in the future. 

    2. Q - Are you going to have an online program?

    A - Yes, we, at High Performance Results Group, believe in giving options to our clients that best meet their needs. An online program is anticipated for 2018.   



    Embrace the Future

    What is holding you in the present and keeping you from excelling to your brightest future? The Future is Yours is built on years of studying groups who are trying to stay ahead of the next wave. At High Performance Results Group we will help you and your team figure out not just what is coming next, but how to shape what is coming next, and you'll learn how to continually improve your future for the long haul with high performance results habits. Start looking into the future so you can feel great about the work you are doing, both for yourself and your clients.

    The Real Connection

    I developed this interactive presentation, Effective Networking, about life coaching and public speaking topics through listening to others from all over the world. While there were plenty of interactions between different teams and individuals, I found that the connections between them were never utilized efficiently. We worked to establish how to form inter- and intra-network connections that would allow for better workflow, using high performance results habits for longer term stability.

    Everyone Knows Basic Sales, Is That Enough?

    Some know how to start a sale, and some know how to close a say, but how many can say that they know how to do both effectively and consistently? We all need to know how to master the oldest business skill in the history of man whether you are in direct sales or not. If you can't master sales, will you make it in life? How will you sell yourself? What are the essential steps that only the most successful salespeople know about? Using my certificate workshop, Beyond Applying Sales Techniques, you will learn how to leverage your growth in your professional and personal life beyond what you ever imagined.                            

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    What High Performance Results is all about.

    Trent Quapp is a brand strategist, and he believes in high performance results. Using face-to-face engagement, he partners with business executives and “solopreneurs” to help grow their personal and professional brands. After nearly 40 years of studying human behavior—how people act and react to personal growth, Trent has learned how to drive conversations in these one-on-one meetings in order to solve problems. Watch the video and if you haven’t done so already, sign up for daily encouraging